RV Solar Panel Kits – Important Things to know Before you Buy them

RV Solar panels kits offer you excellent ROI, it can make your life easy. You not only contribute to our environment, but also save good money in the process.

RV Solar Panel Kits

RV Solar Panel Kits

When you think of solar panels, an image of huge solar panels installed on rooftops comes to mind. However, this is not the only way in which solar energy can be used. Now recreational vehicle owners can also use solar energy. In most of the RVs, the power supply runs on a 12 volt system, which can be easily modified without any trouble for incorporating RV solar panel kits.

The first thing you should consider when thinking of installing RV solar panel kit is what you want to use it for. Are you interested in making your RV completely independent, that can stay on for weeks without any need for generator or power? Or, are you looking for some extra battery life from your RV? In any case, complete self sufficiency is one of the best option for all those have sufficient surface area to accomplish it.

In order to determine the number of solar panels you may need to become self powered, you should have accurate usage estimate. For example, if you are not interested in heating or cooling your RV, don’t drive every other day, or don’t use microwave, then your solar power needs would be minimal. However, if you like camping at single spot for week without using a generator, then you would be using a space heater and light at night. In these circumstances, you need to consider RV solar panel kits that can give you more.

You can calculate your power needs using a worksheet. You can get these worksheets on many websites on the Internet. These worksheets list approx amperage for various appliances used on RV. You can easily multiple that number by the approximate time that particular appliance will run on a typical day, and you will get answer in amp/hours.

All seasoned RV owners understand that space is a luxury in an RV, and for this reason, it is better to carefully consider various RV solar panelinstallation options. You will get more power from angled panels as compared to the ones that lie flat on your RV roof. With angled panels on the top corners of RV will raise its profile, and this can be important when navigating your RV. Another point to consider is that even though angled panels are much better than flat panels, but they also increase wind resistance when driving. This is crucial as you will have to navigate your RV with these solar panels on its roof.

Whether you are interested in becoming self sufficient or want to rely less on your RV battery, any investment in RV solar panel kits pays for itself with time. When considering RV kit, you should keep few things in mind. In DIY type RV solar panel kits, you would want to ensure that they their solar cells are to top quality. Efficiency of solar cells in a solar panel can vary significantly, and any individual cell can covert from 10-29 percent of sunlight into electricity.

Mostly, an RV solar kit has solar cells, flux pens, and tabbing wire. All these materials are required for making your own solar power panel. You will also need a inverter or battery system for converting AC to DC power needed by your appliances.

Solar panels can be used to power right from refrigerators, lights, to various other appliances. Good RV solar panel kits guarantee about 82 percent efficiency for about 25 years. With solar power, you can not only cut down on your electricity cost, but can also help our fragile environment. By moving forward with various renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint and save good money.

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